More than just a farm?
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Not many farms are only three and a half acres in size, recipe but then not many farms in Wales are situated in a city either– we are the only community led city farm in Wales. Since 1998 we have been gradually developing our grounds and buildings not only as refuge for people to escape the hurly burly of city life, prostate but as a place to learn more about the environment around us.

At the heart of developing our site has been the Farm’s aim to…

’promote sustainable development in an environmentally friendly way, that supports and respects wildlife and provides its animals with the highest standards of humane care’.

Sharing our vision

In 2003, and after consulting widely with our users, staff and trustees, a site masterplan was adopted as the blueprint for developing our grounds and buildings (click masterplan link). This built upon the basic infrastructure of paths and paddocks already in place, and enabled us to work towards a clear vision of what the site could become, one we were able to share with other organisations, groups, visitors and (very importantly) funding bodies!

Many years later that vision is now largely a reality - thanks to the thousands of hours of volunteer hard work & toil and the thousands of £££’s of support generously provided by a variety of funders. Developing the grounds has been the main focus of our highly successful Volunteer and Child & Youth projects, and since March 2006 the venue for our education programme for visiting schools and groups.

In this section you can see how we have pursued sustainable development in our grounds and buildings, have a ‘Turn with the Worm’ in our Home Compost project , get your hands dirty out and about ‘In the Grounds ’ and discover what we’re doing to promote the natural world in ‘Wildlife and Biodiversity ’.

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