About The Farm Animals

It didn't take long for the sounds and smells of a real farm to merge into the daily life of the Farm. With the arrival of chickens and ducks in 2005, hatched from eggs by pupils at neighbouring Cadle Primary school, we were a real, working city farm.

Spring 2006 saw the birth of our first lambs, Lottie, Leticia and Larry. They are Llanwenogs, a rare Welsh breed. Since then we have had lambs every spring and even take on ‘swci' or ‘pet' lambs that need to be bottle fed some years- which is a real treat for young visitors.

We have bred pigs in the past but due to the expense of breeding we are currently buying pigs in as weaners rather than breeding our own. We try to get Welsh or traditional breeds or crosses wherever possible.

Volunteers of all ages are instrumental in caring for our animals who take a lot of looking after. They need mucking out several times a week and feeding and watering twice a day.

We now keep bees, pigs, sheep, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, turkeys, chickens and doves!

Why we keep farm animals?

We adhere to a strict animal welfare policy to ensure that our animals are kept safely and comfortably in line with the Farm's aim to...

"provide its animals with the highest standards of humane care."

We also seek to promote rare breed farm animals, and especially Welsh rare-breeds. This is in an effort to preserve both animal biodiversity and Welsh cultural heritage.

We believe that animals should be free range and be given as much opportunity as possible to exhibit their natural behaviours.

But we are a working farm and as a working farm we seek to educate visitors on where their food comes from, including meat and eggs. As such our breeding and stocking policy is to provide food for the plate as well as increased awareness of the issues surrounding food production.

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