Warm Welcome for Prince Charles

It may have been a wet afternoon, but staff, volunteers and guests gave Prince Charles a very warm welcome when he visited us on Thursday 12 July.


The Prince of Wales personally chose to visit the Farm as part of his nationwide tour during Wales Week to see the impact of the relationship between the Farm and In Kind Direct, one of the Prince's main charities. In Kind Direct, who regularly supply goods to the Farm, was founded by the Prince in 1996 and redistributes surplus goods from manufacturers and retailers to UK charities working at home and abroad.  Since their foundation in 1996, they have redistributed goods worth some £130 million from more than 850 companies to over 5,600 voluntary and community organisations, helping millions of people in need. The Farm has benefited from goods with a value of over £8,000 over the last three years.

During his visit, Prince Charles met many of our hardworking volunteers, who every year give thousands of hours of their time in developing and maintaining the Farm. He spoke to staff and volunteers about the many activities that we offer at the Farm such as organic gardening, bee keeping, outdoor cooking, composting and of course he got to meet the Farm's rare breed farm animals including our three little pigs!

Prince Charles ended his visit with a hot
cup of tea with honey in the newly renovated community café. Volunteers have transformed the previously redundant workshop into the café, training kitchen and new offices and learnt many new skills along the way, including brick laying, plastering, carpentry, plumbing and tiling. 

Last year we went head to head with another organisation in South Wales and won £60,000 from The Big Lottery Jubilee People’s Millions to help us complete the work and employ a builder to work with our volunteers and teach them many skills in the building trade.  Since January this year over 35 regular volunteers have put in thousands of hours to complete the project and it is looking amazing and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone to our new café. 

The Farm's Director, Phil Budd, said: “It was a very wet day but everyone was very excited about the visit and delighted that the Prince spent time talking to them about the work that they do at the Farm.  Our volunteers and staff work hard all year round and it will be a great honour to show Prince Charles their fantastic work,” said the Farm’s Director, Phil Budd.  "The goods we receive from In Kind Direct are very helpful in supporting our activities with volunteers of all ages.  We are delighted that The Prince of Wales visited us to see the difference his Charity has made for our community" he added. 

If you would like to see more photos of the event, they can be accessed through our Facebook page under swanniefarmer or you can contact the event photographer to purchase individual photos -
 Huw John Photography


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