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Volunteers are the Farm’s most valuable resource, giving their time, energy, enthusiasm and skills. Without volunteers, our Farm wouldn’t exist and with an increasing number of projects, services and facilities we need more help now than ever before.

The Volunteer Project offers a range of practical activities for adults of all ages and abilities to gain new interests, learn new skills, and meet new friends whilst helping a worthwhile charity. As a volunteer, you can get involved in a range of practical activities such as looking after the animals, growing organic fruit and vegetables, carrying out construction and site improvement tasks and developing new ideas and projects. We also look for volunteers who want to assist with child and youth activities, work with volunteers that have special needs, provide administrative support, give guided tours, organise fundraising events and help manage the Farm as a Trustee. There really is something for everyone!

In exchange for your time, we offer ample amounts of tea, coffee and biscuits, a range of training courses and day trips, reimbursement of travel expenses, the chance to gain certificates, contacts and the confidence necessary to increase your life opportunities.

If you interested in volunteering at the Farm, have a look at the different volunteer opportunities available for individuals or groups and get involved!

The Volunteer Project has been supported by Wales Council for Voluntary Action (Volunteering in Wales), Environment Wales, the Eaga Trust, Healthy Hearts Grant Heart Research UK), the Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust and the Russell Commission.


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