About the Farm

Swansea Community Farm is a place where people of all ages can learn about the environment, organic gardening and animal care whilst taking an active role in the community. Activities held on the 3.5 acre site are run in a way that minimises any negative impact on the environment whilst helping to enhance local biodiversity and encourage nature conservation. Swansea Community Farm’s core aims are:

  • Community Integration - The Farm aims to create and maintain a welcoming and supportive social network made up of people of all ages and abilities working together to create an accessible community resource.

  • Environment - The Farm will promote sustainable development in an environmentally friendly way that supports and respects wildlife and provides its animals with the highest standards of humane care.

  • Personal Growth and Participation - The Farm aims to provide stimulating opportunities for participants to develop skills as they in turn contribute meaningfully to the development of the Farm community.

Our History

The Farm was first established in 1992 when a group of committed individuals got together with the idea of setting up a city farm in Swansea. This core group shared a common belief, that the establishment of a small working farm in the city would bring immense pleasure, opportunity and benefit to all sections of the community. During the next five years these individual developed the organisation, became a registered charity and searched for a suitable place for Swansea’s city farm. In 1997, a promising site was found consisting of three and half acres of derelict land on the outskirts of the city, bordered by a primary school, residential housing, a crisp factory, busy dual carriageway and a local nature reserve. In 1998, the group was granted a 21 year lease from the City and County of Swansea and Swansea Community Farm has a home. Since that time the site has been developed with paddocks, paths, display pens, compost area and allotments not to forget the apiary, wildlife pond, courtyard, lawn and car park.

Volunteers of all ages and abilities have been instrumental in all stages of the Farm’s development from day one. They have been responsible for setting up a management committee, consulting with the community, planning the site layout and building site structures. Working out the back of construction units, they organised volunteer activities for children and adults who gave the Farm the results it needed to secure funding for members of staff.