About the Farm

Swansea Community Farm is a place where people of all ages can learn about the environment, organic gardening and animal care whilst taking an active role in the community. Activities held on the 3.5 acre site are run in a way that minimises any negative impact on the environment whilst helping to enhance local biodiversity and encourage nature conservation. Swansea Community Farm’s core aims are:

  • Community Integration - The Farm aims to create and maintain a welcoming and supportive social network made up of people of all ages and abilities working together to create an accessible community resource.

  • Environment - The Farm will promote sustainable development in an environmentally friendly way that supports and respects wildlife and provides its animals with the highest standards of humane care.

  • Personal Growth and Participation - The Farm aims to provide stimulating opportunities for participants to develop skills as they in turn contribute meaningfully to the development of the Farm community.

New buildings, animals and members 

In 2002 the Farm office and Training Room was built and opened, which gave the Farm a proper base from which to operate from and provide activities. In 2003/4 the front of site was landscaped to make the entrance more attractive and welcoming and in 2005/6 the Animal House and Workshop was built and the first animals were introduced to the Farm. Along with the animals came the Animal Keeper who soon introduced a variety of ducks, sheep and pigs which brought a new interest in the Farm from adults and children wanting to work with animals in a Farm setting. Soon after a raised bed garden was constructed as a focal point to the Farm which continues to provide opportunities for volunteers with mobility constraints to participate in Farm activities. During the end of 2006 an apiary was constructed under guidance of The West Glamorgan Beekeepers Association who also provided training for interested volunteers to learn the art of Beekeeping.  In April 2013 we officially opened our new café and office area and in August 2014 we completed the revamp of our old offices into a new dedicated education room for schools and visitors.  Our wildlife exhibition is sited in the education room where you can learn all about the habitats and diversity of the Farm, Heath and Woodlands surrounding the Farm.

We are open 6 days a week and offer a range of activities, training courses and events for adults or children almost everyday of the week. With a Child and Youth Project, Volunteer Project, Animal Project and Education Project, the Farm is buzzing with activities and achievements, yet there is still so much to do. What happens next could be up to you!