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Geifr Gwŷr

Geifr Gwŷr (informally known as Goatbusters) is an innovative project that aims to use the power of goats to clear spaces for nature, connect people to their environments and produce local food.

The Idea...

The project is inspired by Street Goat in Bristol and our observations of how goats are great in controlling scrub and invasive plants and improving wellbeing. Goats have long been a smallholders favourite due to their size, adaptability and usefulness. We want more people to benefit from this and produce local food and have more green spaces cleared for nature. We also realise that there are lots of people with dreams of smallholding but without the money, space or time to do it full time. Could we create a diverse community that shares goats in Swansea?

The Story So Far...

A group of interested people have visited the amazing Street Goat Project and met a few times to discuss the project ideas. This may involve a membership fee and would require a certain commitment from members who in return will get to learn new skills, spend time with goats and be involved in conservation and  producing local food. There is the potential for milk (as well as produce and hides) if people want to come and milk. Funding was received from Bwyd Abertawe for a feasibility study to help get the club running. With this we bought some new rare breed goats, of course!

Please watch this short video to find out more.


Our next steps are to secure grazing sites around the city and recruit potential members for the goat club.

We held an event on the 6th of October where potential members met the goats, tried some goat produce and found out more. If you missed this meeting but want to get involved please join our mailing list here 

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