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We are a city farm where volunteers care for livestock, wildlife and each other to improve wellbeing and resilience.

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Our lovely site has been imagined, developed and nurtured by local volunteers for about 20 years. 
Our animals, gardens and allotment are looked after by volunteers, young, old, and in between! We work with many volunteers with disabilities and people who have experienced health problems. Working at the farm helps people to rebuild their confidence, learn new skills and develop new interests in growing food, caring for animals and the environment. It also produces healthy local food and protect the wildlife and nature we all rely on.

We offer volunteering opportunities for children and adults, play activities, training, and support to get into work. Visitors are also welcome to explore our grounds, meet our animals, and see first-hand how food is produced.

We  offer professional services  that make the most of our expertise in wellbeing and environment.

Farm Ways to Wellbeing

Our experience is that taking part in activities on the farm helps people feel good! Here are our farm ways to well being ...

Be More Active. Physical work and play on the farm helps people keep active and fit.

Become Connected. We help people feel more connected and less isolated through new friendships and social networks. 

Take Notice of Nature. Taking some quiet time to observe and appreciate our amazing natural world is good for the mind and spirit. Look for a lovely thing on the farm and you will find it!

Keep Learning. There is so much to learn about on the farm; animals, vegetables, wildlife. The farm helps people share their skills, learn new ones, and get experience for applying for jobs or courses.    


Give to others. Doing good does you good! Being involved in the farm is an opportunity to care for people, animals, plants and nature. We love to make the farm a great place for visitors and we also support each other to grow and develop ourselves through working on the farm. 



Our site and activities are funded by donations, grants, and earned income (e.g. from farm produce, training, events and workshops). Thank you to all the funders below for supporting our work.


Find out more about how we use data here.

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