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Environment and Wellbeing

We offer a range of professional services that could help your setting meet its environmental and wellbeing aspirations.

We have a knowledgeable staff team, a network of partners and years of expertise in improving wellbeing, improving the environment, community development, collaborative working and greening community spaces.


We offer professional services that reflect our expertise and will help your organisation smash its social and green targets.

  • Creating Nature Friendly Green Spaces

  • Nature Recovery in Urban Spaces

  • Improving Wellbeing

  • Community Led Action on Climate Change

  • Keeping Livestock

  • Volunteer Management and Community Engagement

  • Outdoor Play and Education

  • Green Roofs, Living Walls and Green Infrastructure

  • Soil health (worms and microbes)

  • Wildflowers and Pollinators

  • Green fencing and landscaping

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Don't just take our word for it:







'A decision was made early on to recruit the Community Farm to deliver a substantial part of the community engagement element of the  Community Renewal Fund project, this has resulted in excellent outcomes... through this engagement with local parents, and families.' Report on Penderi Green Regen by Urban Foundry

'We have been so happy with the quality of activities and the enthusiasm of the staff. The engagement of families has been amazing through working with the Community Farm.' Commissioner of  Farm Outreach Community & Environmental Activities

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