It’s a place where people of all ages can get stuck in to growing plants and vegetables, help to look after animals and discover more about our environment
Save our Farm

We are launching an urgent funding appeal to make sure that we can continue operating as the only city farm in Wales.

Every year our multi-award winning project works with over 1,800 programme participants and is visited by a further 10-15,000 members of the public at our purpose designed and volunteer built site in Fforestfach.  As a working farm we aim to reconnect people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities with their food, their environment and each other and we do this through a range of unique and exciting educational, volunteering, training and play projects.

It costs around £300,000 to run the Farm each year.  It’s getting harder and harder to raise funds and over the last year the Farm has had to use its reserves, which are now critically low, to continue operating as a free community facility.  We’re looking to make significant savings over the next few months as well as raising £150,000 over the next year through a “Save our Farm” appeal.

The Appeal aims to raise £50,000 each from the people and businesses of Swansea; from Swansea Council and Welsh Government and from Charitable Trusts and Foundations.  The £150,000 raised would allow us to continue to do our amazing work whilst ensuring we have the reserves needed to act as a financial buffer as we seek to continue to grow over the coming years. 

Over the last two years we’ve more than doubled the money we earn, to over £60,000, which is 20-25% of our total income.  We’ve done this through delivery of cookery training in our volunteer built café, through school and college visits and courses and through selling sausages, bacon and meat from pigs reared on the Farm.  But this is still not enough.

We are cutting costs and over the summer several members of staff will be working a day a week without pay.  Even with this, the Farm will need to be closed to the public on Fridays throughout the school holidays.


For more details on our appeal or how you can help click on our summer 2015 newsletter


Environmental Events Guide 2015     

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Honey Harmony - 25 July & 29 August     

Come and join us for our annual Honey Harmony event on Saturday from 1.30 to 3pm.  Help us extract the first honey of the season and pick up some interesting facts on bees and why they are very important to our planet.  Entry is £2 per person (not including honey) and all proceeds go towards our Save our Farm appeal.  Bring your pocket money along to buy the freshest honey in town!  If you can't make this Saturday why not come along to our second Honey Harmony event on 29 August.

Summer Playscheme

Summer holiday fun for the kids every Monday and Tuesday throughout July and August (starting on 27 July) between 10am and 2.30pm.  £1 per child - your child must be registered with the Farm to take part in our playscheme.  Please contact Alyson at the Farm for more details.      

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