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New Kid on the Block!

This week saw the birth of the first ever goat kid born here at Swansea Community Farm!

The long awaited little man arrived on Saturday but he was quite big so didn't really want to come out of his mum, Siany's belly. He is a special boy, not only because he is our first goat kid and we are ridiculously excited, but also because he is a rare breed called The English Goat.

Sadly, there are no Welsh breeds of goat but the English goat is a fab breed and a traditional British smallholder's goat. They are very rare (so we are helping to increase in numbers) and really suited to our goaty needs. They are friendly, intelligent, make good mothers, are hardy and well adapted to the UK's climate. They are beautifully marked and produce a good amount of milk for little feed making them very efficient goats! We are also big into conservation grazing, having an innovative urban conservation grazing project at the rear of the farm to better manage Cadle Heath Local Nature Reserve. We wanted a goat breed that was good for conservation grazing but not as feral or good at escaping as some of the other breeds often used. We wanted a goat that was tough but also sweet and suited to their celebrity status as city farm goats.

Being quite rare, we had to go all the way to Northumberland to get our first two Siany and Carw and then to Hereford when Siany became old enough to meet her boyfriend, Frank. 5 months later and here we are with the arrival of this little man. He will need a Welsh name to fit in around here so we are planning to name him at our upcoming Easter Event. He was born with floopy bunny ears but they have already started sticking up! His mum, Siany is amazing with him, she is a first time mum but already knows exactly what to do. She is very protective of him and proudly shows him off to her favourite humans.

If you are as excited about seeing him as we are to have him then pop along for a visit or come to our Easter Fun Day on the 8th of April!


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