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Trustee of the Year

What a week it's been! Our amazing chairperson Nerys Edmonds won the Trustee of the Year Award from Wales Council for Voluntary Action. This is as well as finding out this week that Farm Volunteers had won the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. Trustees are volunteers who help to manage charities. They mostly have professional day jobs and meet in evenings to help charities ensure they are being run properly and are working towards their aims. Nerys has a day job at Public Health Wales and she first came to the farm as part of her job to look at how volunteering at the farm impacts on health and wellbeing. She found that there were many benefits for people’s wellbeing and was inspired enough to join the Board of Trustees in 2016.

She said “I was really delighted to be nominated for this award. I’ve never won an award before, so it’s an exciting day for me. I’m glad that I have been able to make a difference to the farm as it is a place that helps so many people. I passionately believe in volunteering. It can benefit people’s personal development and wellbeing, helps to build strong communities and brings people together. As the saying goes “doing good does you good”. The role of Trustees is vitally important in leading and supporting charities to do the good work they set out to do, and to navigate changing and challenging times. The third sector does such important work in our communities and needs strong Boards and Trustees to ensure the future of many fantastic community organisations”.

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