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A week in the life of our Farm manager!

What a week! On Monday, meetings and furious bid writing for the exciting shared prosperity fund, on Tuesday a trip out to a commercial sheep farm with our awesome volunteers and cows arrived at Penllergare Valley Woods for conservation grazing (a project I have been involved in setting up).

Wednesday saw a partnership meeting with some of our partner organisations in Penderry and the start of our green wall installation.

Thursday morning saw me being a right grown up and talking on a panel of experts about the city farm movement and how it can answer many of the pressing issues of our time (wellbeing and the climate and nature emergency).

Thursday afternoon saw shortlisting and volunteer evaluations and in the evening a meeting about financial systems followed by a beach sauna (ok, that bit wasn't work).

On Friday, more bid writing and budgeting, a meeting with Bev Garside and a chance to reflect on the last month with a one to one with an awesome trustee.

This morning (Saturday), after packing the human kids (Farm Child and Youth) off on their lambing school trip, I pulled a huge rare breed English goat kid from a first time kidder. I also just heard that some of our young people helped pull a lamb on their trip! We have an afternoon of evaluation and reflection planned as well as a team lunch. This job is crazy but I never get bored and weeks like this, and the promise of spring (in the form of our first goose egg of the year) really remind me of how lucky I am. I will sleep well tonight.


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