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Celebrating the Solstice: A Day of Fun and Wellbeing at Swansea Community Farm

Last week, on the longest day of the year, we held our annual Farm Wellbeing Day, bringing together volunteers and Penderi community members to celebrate the summer solstice. The day was packed full of activities designed to promote mental health and wellbeing, mixed in with lots of FUN!

sauna and bath with water tipped over head
CEO Kate gets a good dunking after her sauna.

The day started with self-defence classes run by the talented Helen Harper, Holistic Strength. Those who took part learnt valuable skills and confidence while also learning techniques to manage stress and anxiety. The Green Woodworking sessions provided by Barney and Beth of Sauna Hut gave a creative outlet, allowing attendees to connect with nature and each other through a hands-on whittling project.

We thoroughly enjoyed our second year of ‘goat yoga’, run by Hot Pod Yoga Swansea, which combined traditional yoga practices with the playful and calming presence of our gorgeous goats, giving everyone a big emotional boost. I mean, who doesn’t love goat cuddles!?

Adding to the holistic nature of the event was the labyrinth run by Insight Labyrinth, a meditative pathway designed to help with mental health. This simple yet powerful activity encouraged mindfulness and self-reflection, leaving participants feeling more centred and balanced. One volunteer said: ‘I really liked the labyrinth, I was able to leave my dead name behind in the middle, I’ve been so supported and accepted as myself. When we made the sticks in green woodwork. I was also able to write my chosen name on it, it means a lot to me.’

A particularly unique highlight of the day was the mobile sauna provided by Sauna Hut (which we were lucky enough to test out on its maiden voyage). Lucky us! It was the perfect way to round off the day – particularly the ice cold bath afterwards (check out the picture of our CEO Kate getting a dunking!). A volunteer said: ‘I liked going in the Sauna, it was relaxing, I’ve never done it before.’

Some further comments from our volunteers:

‘I get really anxious, even this morning, I didn’t want to come in but I forced myself because I knew I’d have a good time, it’s like practicing a muscle, just keep doing new things and eventually it becomes easy.’

‘Everyday here is a wellbeing day.’

‘The atmosphere here is always so friendly, it makes you feel wanted and I’ve been willing to try so many new things.’

Thanks to our volunteers for being so open and sharing their thoughts and experiences with us. It really helps us create a space where everyone feels welcome and safe. We’re looking forward to hosting more events like this in the future, continuing to offer meaningful and impactful experiences for all.

Check out a selection of highlights in our photo gallery.


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