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A Soggy but Successful Family Volunteer Day

Despite the wet weather last week (and every week at the moment it seems), local community members came out in force to enjoy our Family Volunteer Day. We welcomed 25 families totalling 65 people, who all got stuck in lots of tasks around the Farm. There was a real mix of ages and every member of each family got involved (even the soggiest parents). They looked after the animals, did some gardening, and even made wildlife habitats. All of these tasks created a fantastic way to feel connected with each other and nature, benefiting the health and wellbeing of everyone who attended, perhaps without them even realising it!

Here is just some of the positive feedback we received at the end of the day:

"Thankyou SO much. We all had a great time and can't believe we crammed so much excitement into such a small time."

"I loved this day because me and a little girl lead the goat together. Diolch!"

"Thank you so much for this amazing experience. I'd love to come again. I really enjoyed everything, especially walking the donkey. Thank you!"

"My 4 year old daughter and myself had a wonderful afternoon... even in the rain. It was so much fun and we can't wait to come back."

"Even in the rain we had a fab day, creating the bug houses was so much fun and the baby ducks were adorable."

"Absolutely amazing. The staff are super!" (Disclaimer - this was not written by a staff member)

Thank you to everyone who came along and joined us. We don't have another planned currently but watch this space and keep an eye on our social channels for any announcements on all future events and volunteer days.


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