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Generation Natur!

This week is super exciting, not only because all of our lambs have arrived, the birds 'flockdown' is due to end and one of our goats is due to kid but also because we are launching our Green Match Fund Big Give campaign ' #GenerationNatur!'

Following the launch this Thursday, anything raised in the week from 20th to 27th April will be doubled!

We are aiming to raise £5000 (which will be doubled to £10,000!) to get even more Swansea children (aged 8-18) affected by poor mental health or poverty outdoors to learn about the natural world and how spending time in nature can improve their wellbeing! Our child and youth activities have changed so many lives over the years and it would be even better if it could help even more young people! Especially as we have are in the midst of a mental health and cost of living crisis!

Our manager who has been here over 12 years says 'I have seen hundreds of young

lives completely transformed by coming to the farm's clubs and activities. For some, it has drastically changed the course of their lives by providing them with the confidence that formal schooling or their peers had knocked out of them, a love of nature and to think differently about what they can achieve. Many young people are referred because they struggle at home, at school or with their mental health or because they are neuro-divergent. The Farm activities are free (although donations are welcomed) so they are accessible to all and because of this they are well attended by local children who sometimes miss out on other opportunities because of cost. The Farm provides the perfect environment for young people to learn how to be kind to themselves and others and how to use nature to better manage their emotions. Some develop a passion for animals and go on to study and work with them. Some realise they are great cooks and go into working in the food industry. Some find they are good at helping people and go into youth, play or support work. All of them learn about the different birds, mammals, bees and bugs that make the farm and Cadle Heath LNR so special and learn how to look after them and help them flourish.

The the key to taking action on nature recovery is making sure that all of the next generation are nature literate and are curious and that is exactly what we help young people become. Connection to nature and community are also proven to improve health and in a country with increasing health inequalities it is more important than ever that there are free and accessible nature activities available for the children of Swansea who are living with poor mental health or in poverty.'

You can find out more about the campaign here

If you still have any questions email us at

If you would like to make a business donation please contact

Diolch yn Fawr!


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