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Hidihi Campers

We always say that our volunteering programmes build resilience and nothing is better proof of that than camping through an amber weather warning over the weekend. Despite the weather, we had a fantastic time. We searched for bugs out on Cadle Heath, did bushcraft and made campfires and cooked on them, we made tiedye socks and hapazome beeswax wraps (helped by the amazing Julian and Budgie). Our young people were awesome (apart from at getting an early night!) and really looked after each other learning and sharing many life skills along the way. We finished the weekend with our very own goat show (including fancy dress)!

Mae gwirfoddoli ar y fferm yn helpu adeiladu hydwythedd, mae dim byd yn well esiampl na ein pobl ifanc yn gwersylla trwy storm. Cafwyd amser gwych yn creu a choginio ar y tan, ac addurno sanau a wrapiau gwenyn. Roedd ein pobl ifanc yn anhygoel (ond am at fynd i gysgu) ac wedi dysgu a rhannu nifer o sgiliau bywyd. I bennu'r penwythnos cawsom ni sioe geifr (yn cynnwys gwisg ffansi!)

West Glamorgan Regional Partnership @friendsoftheskettyscoutgroup @principalityfuturegenerationfund

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