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The Green Match Fund!

Swansea Community Farm has been selected to be part of the Green Match Fund. This is an exciting opportunity to get all donations made from midday on Thursday the 22nd of April to midday Thursday the 29th April doubled! This is being done to celebrate #EarthDay and to celebrate and support charities making a difference to environmental issues all over the UK.

The Big Give takes place between the 22nd and 29th of April and every donation made on the Farm’s Big Give’s webpage will be doubled up to the value of £5000. One donation, twice the impact! The Farm is calling on the people of Swansea to help!

The £5000 will help feed and care for the Farm’s animals who not only bring joy to the community and volunteers but also have an important role in Conservation Grazing Cadle Heath Local Nature Reserve. The Farm’s animals and volunteers help Swansea Council manage the reserve as a valuable habitat for lots of species and as an urban carbon sink. The grazing will bring back the the plant life that lost key species rely on such as skylarks, scabious mining bee, grass snakes and the marsh fritillary butterfly in an urban area.

Kate Gibbs, Farm Manager says ‘We are thrilled to have been chosen for this fund as it really celebrates the work our volunteers and animals do caring for the environment but we do need the people of Swansea to get behind us to make donations so that they can be doubled by the Big Give’s Green Match Fund’.


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