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Thank you to our Crowdfunders!

We just wanted to say a massive thank you on behalf of all our volunteers to our wonderful Crowdfunder supporters who helped us raise a whopping £29,328 to stay open in March!

We are so pleased to still be here and in the last few months have had lambs, chicks and ducklings born which has been lovely and a reminder of new possibilities- all of this is only possible because of them!

Thank you to Chistopher Tribe, Emma Morgan and bcgreiner7431 who’s pledge prize was to be thanked on the website. Diolch!

To anyone who has fear of missing out, feel free to donate on

Now a little bit about the impact they've made by talking a closer look at one of our volunteers...

Jamie is an adult with a learning disability. He attends the Farm every week with his carer Andrew to take part in the animal care rota.

In their own words:

Jamie has been coming here now for 12 months, he loves it here, he has specific jobs to do and one of the many benefits to him has been that coming here has increased his concentration and ability to take and process instructions. He has learnt to be gentler with livestock and takes his responsibilities seriously in feeding and cleaning the animals. He has increased in confidence every week and it’s an opportunity we wouldn’t have in if this place didn’t exist. It’s given him an invaluable opportunity to be part of a real workplace and everything that comes with that- like doing handshakes not hugs when you see a colleague. Even though I come to support Jamie, I love it here too- it’s given me great satisfaction to see Jamie develop, spend time outdoors and to give back and feel part of the family here.

Thank you for being here and being so friendly, patient and welcoming to people with disabilities.’ -Andrew

‘I like sheep, pigs, ducks, eggs and turkeys. Me, Andrew and Kate are the best workers ever. I’m not scared of chickens any more’ -Jamie

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